Back up to pace biatch

Well now that i finally have time for my own personal blog apart from my team blog ( I thought it was time to bring you guys back up to speed for those of you who still follow this wordpress. Here on my personal blog it will be different from my team blog since it will be a more indepth look and more detailed post of little things in my usual funny/random nature. This post is just to bring you up to speed on whats happening and whats going to happen so without further ado…

This dusty heep of datsun was tucked away in vacaville for a nice shony penny i seen on craigslist a few days after my accident. I called a friend, picked up a dolley, and headed to pick the beast to replace my crunched metal stuffz.

The first night i had it i wanted the monster height to be done including my rear disk conversion, 15/16 bmc, ss lines front/back, And swapmmy wheels over. All went well so i got a few hours of sleep called up a few buddies and began swapping the motor over.

Got the motor in with slight problems since its really hard to line up a motor in the dark with only various “flashlight” apps everyone provided it was done.

It was then time to say goodbye to my old chassis and brainstorm on the next one. Before my accident I got some decent wheels that i couldn’t pass up and figured it was time to revamp the wiring with EZ Wire harness. Well problem was at the time i was working two full time jobs so i had no chancenof working on my car (10am-7:30pm and then 11:00-7:30).

So i asked a local shop to do the rest for me and just make it drivable so i can take of the rest. My car sat for about 2 weeks there and then i received a call that the shop was closing down. So i asked if i can work on my car until the doors closed, got approved.

So when i finally got settled into working one job I went on a spree… Got thing like Corbeau fx1, grip royal wheel, zx dizzy, zx alternator w/adjuster, msd blaster, racequip 5pt, and got tires mounted on my wheels which are SPINWERKS/CIRCLE RACING 16×9.5 w/ 205/55 in the front and 215/60 in the rears which are temporary tires until i burn them up at a skid pad where i can get 205/50’s all around.

Thats pretty much up to date..

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