Bad News Bear….

This post will need alittle more spaz this time around since its been bad news week after week since Vintage Auto Salon. So….Lets start from the last post where I mentioned “something broke and fixed it the following day”

After the Dragonball Z crew had their usual photoshoot outing to show off there awesome pecks. Gohan decided to sneezing kamehameha while I was drving straight and somehow sheered my bumpsteer spacer bolt (one that threads the knuckle and spindle) in half. Also forgot to mention the throttle cable I made snapped as we saddled up to leave the auto salon….shoulda known then.

Till this day I do not know if the bolt was stresed out for derfting and driving… or if gohans sneeze was simply too mind blowing to compensate. I hit my freind  Loews up to cop a bolt a replaced that morning.



The following Wednesday  this happened. What looks to be not so much a big deal is actually turned out to be quite the problem. Long time ago when I swapped parts over  from my other shell I made the mistake of allowing someone else assemble the left side while I did the right………

And ofcourse said person only either put one bolt on the mount or just threaded them in and never tightened it, this side also long time ago when I brought it to the shop to do the EZ wire (which that didnt work out either) the AXLE was exactly the same with hand tight nuts and bolts….actual one nut/bolt was missing in presence..The caliper bracket dislodge and locked itself between the wheel and the rotor then forced me to tow it home.




…………………………………………………………..Reminds me why i like doing all the work myself but in times of need its easier and faster to have friends help out time to time. Grabbed a few bolts that were like non-existent in the general market forcing me to buy one of those “asian car make” bolt/nuts/washers packs from kragen which ended up coming in handy quite a bit. This only the begining of a long list.



But ofcourse that wasnt the only thing that happened …


Mag-fuckin-neto showed up threw the dam caliper into my wheel hard enough to push the wheel inward to bend my stereotypical asian penis thick intergra jdm tytle coilover…..I forgot to pay him for his deed of dropping my motor in but it was too late for a “Sorry” note. Fuck you Magneto, where yo curly mustache at? Onward.



When aliens attack.


Old age comes with a price… How does the song go “yo bitch, she so thirsty” well it sure was and I gave some thirst quenchin chevron gatorade but all it did was just piss it right out. Return line broke off from gas tank..wom womp.. luckily though my 4 way distributor block came in handy and I simply blocked off the return to fix.


Like a winking old bitch that has no reputation of existing…


My HID ballast fell out somehow which was mounted securely, yet decided the streets was along more comfortable to lay on rather than my car.  Like a mans dream, the wires were pulled out of the bulbs where the light beam and shine your way into the future destination…man fuck this car right?



But after all that BS I fixed and bandaged up most of what I could, I kept truckin. Until..


After moving my car for street cleaning and doing a quick skid. Full lock and bumpy rode easily broke my coilover which it now sits. Im letting it stay in its broken state as of now since Im in search of coilovers but talking with distributors about suspension like 326 power, pbm, dmax, and stance its going to be a very selective journey.  So I will let the blog rest for the time being till new stuff is on its way.

Well this is different

Well I guess it’s about time that I update this blog now that….

But before we get into how that picture was captured. Let’s dive into how, when, and why.

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When: About 3-4 weeks ago I decided it was time set aside everything for a few days and focus putting work into the Z. After a few visits to diagnose the car it turned out somehow it blew a headgasket but as I was thinking to just replace the HG but a friend mentioned to me that he had a L28 just collecting dust

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How: Well it came down to do I want to pull the head to do the headgasket or swap in the L28 which through a game of telephone claimed to be rebuilt. So figured after everything I gone through with the L24 it was time to upgrade to the L28 which isn’t bad since most L-Series parts are compatible.

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And the final question, Why? Simple. It was just time for it to happen. I was fed up staring at it, fed up problem after problem, fed up with half assing shit, and most of all fed up not having my own car to drive. I figured I made it through this far why not go further and try to get to an end game or a roll of credits like the movies.

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Somehow I was granted a part three to this long Z saga and this picture was proof. The last time a picture was taking at a stop light was the last day the Z came back home with me. Though it was driving nothing but short drives to friends houses, to work and to hangout spots around the city, I felt the need to prove that this car can be reliable.

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Took the car out to two meets and a photoshoot with no problems up until after we finished which I ended up fixing the next day. Though some things haven’t gone exactly my way but that’s expected when you made a purchase of a project car with intentions to improve on its imperfections.

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So as I create my laundry list of things come for this never ending project of mine this will conclude this post to bring things back to speed. I now have time to update things as they go on for those who still follow this blog.. Till next time.


Guess its about time to update this thing a bit since a few things have changed since then.


After the wiring was finished I figured it was time to get either my diff welded or a 4.11 weldy. Grazing the waters of the part for sale section on the ratsun forums I picked this welded/plated 4.11 diff for a great price locally.


Unfortunately my “ruinning” status was soon ended after i drove my car to work from the shop and then tried to pick it up the following day, thanks to “SOMEONE” hoping in my car at work and flipping switches ended leaving my headlights on.

As bad luck likes to come in two’s most of the time we were going to host a car meet with all the TFH cars present but my car had an electrical fire that night and put my car outta commission also hours later I got a call about my aunt passing from her long  battle with cancer so my night was dulled almost immediately i put down the phone.

With all the events that occured in such a short time frame I gave the Z a break and focused on getting  our drift media/coverage/team ( a foot forward to prepare for the drift season.

After I was ready to tackle this never ending story I got frustrated at the pink vinyl and told that shit to get out of my life, for now anyways. I then rewired my alternator after the ground breaking off from the electrical fire, replaced my burnt switchboard wire, obviously removed my  and put my xxr’s back on for now since my spinwerks have wobble upfront.

I figured it was time to get rid of that bumpsteer and get some T3 RCA’S to get me motivated to work on the car although it seems the previous owner must of bottomed the fuck out in the car since (in second pic) sway bar bolts were bent to the point where I had to samurai them off.

Marshall the cool guy in the 510 wagon came by and gave me a helping hand to see if he can see something that maybe I had overlooked. Checked power at the  coil, checked cam timing, igniton timing, spark plugs, spark, hell we even swapped his coil/dizzy with my coil/dizzy and still everything checked out.


While I was waiting for Marshall come on back I decided to put on my bootleg extended wheel studs which were the OEM rear wheel studs since their alittle longer since they have to go past the drum brakes and then to wheel hopefully will fix my wheel wobble with my spinwerks.


The only thing they may hint to us why it wont start is when i took off the an fittings to the carbs and turned the fuel pump on there was barely anything coming out and also when it does run when throttle is applied it just dies out. So im thinking Im getting spark blowout or maybe my fuel pressure isn’t enough to keep the carbs flowing. As for now I’ll keep trucking since just like my black one I want this one ready by the summer.


Until next time.



Back up to pace biatch

Well now that i finally have time for my own personal blog apart from my team blog ( I thought it was time to bring you guys back up to speed for those of you who still follow this wordpress. Here on my personal blog it will be different from my team blog since it will be a more indepth look and more detailed post of little things in my usual funny/random nature. This post is just to bring you up to speed on whats happening and whats going to happen so without further ado…

This dusty heep of datsun was tucked away in vacaville for a nice shony penny i seen on craigslist a few days after my accident. I called a friend, picked up a dolley, and headed to pick the beast to replace my crunched metal stuffz.

The first night i had it i wanted the monster height to be done including my rear disk conversion, 15/16 bmc, ss lines front/back, And swapmmy wheels over. All went well so i got a few hours of sleep called up a few buddies and began swapping the motor over.

Got the motor in with slight problems since its really hard to line up a motor in the dark with only various “flashlight” apps everyone provided it was done.

It was then time to say goodbye to my old chassis and brainstorm on the next one. Before my accident I got some decent wheels that i couldn’t pass up and figured it was time to revamp the wiring with EZ Wire harness. Well problem was at the time i was working two full time jobs so i had no chancenof working on my car (10am-7:30pm and then 11:00-7:30).

So i asked a local shop to do the rest for me and just make it drivable so i can take of the rest. My car sat for about 2 weeks there and then i received a call that the shop was closing down. So i asked if i can work on my car until the doors closed, got approved.

So when i finally got settled into working one job I went on a spree… Got thing like Corbeau fx1, grip royal wheel, zx dizzy, zx alternator w/adjuster, msd blaster, racequip 5pt, and got tires mounted on my wheels which are SPINWERKS/CIRCLE RACING 16×9.5 w/ 205/55 in the front and 215/60 in the rears which are temporary tires until i burn them up at a skid pad where i can get 205/50’s all around.

Thats pretty much up to date..

Sonoma Drift: Winter Jam

Well last saturday was Sonomas Winter Jam where amateurs and beginners can get little taste of competiton and exposure. Unlike pro-am coverage we were unable to completely cover the event due to rain since most equipment we have is borrowed. ANYWAYS…


Well first off lets join behind the scenes of the pit area to view the competitors and the tag along buddies.







The pits were a mixed bunch with Pro-Am, Formula Drift, Sonoma Drift regulars and some oddball faces you dont see too often. The morning was cold with a side order of water blemished floors evening the competition alittle for the less powered cars….unfortunately though…….





The rain to some people completely out of the competition before practice barely begun. So people took note a adjusted to the conditions since the track was constantly being dried and coated with water throughout the event.



Aww…..shit just turned brown.


Well it seems there was a flipflop in the announcement of the “wild card” position. According to sources Thunderdrift was not aloud to choose a wildcard winner but it was/is suppose to goto the 4th place position in points according to Formula D representatives or whoever. In other words Josh McGuire was stripped of his wild card position and FD License since Sean Hoover driver of the blue s14 was in 4th place by just .5 of a point over Josh. At this point we don’t know who is to blame if there is any at all, I would like to give a good rub on the back of Josh and his team for such a large obstacle to swallow. I would also like to send acongratulations to Sean Hoover in getting his Formula D license. This will affect a lot of people in the Northern California drift scene which already people are already taking action. This am unfortunate event that has taken place but sometimes things like this happen, especially in motorsports.

FITLIFE TRAINING- They will pump you up

Ok lets take a step away from my car antics to give a little feature to  Zach and Christian who are starting off there own fitness training program. So without further ado.. DO YOU WANNA LOOK LIKE THIS?

Maybe your not digging the green super muscular body maybe you just want a toned body like….

this? A little more fitting to the human world right?  this can be your jump start in the right direction. Zach (on the right) is going to be pushing you to your limit with his Muay Thai training along with his dedication to help others achieve what there after not to mention he himself was a more hefty man before going into steep training losing around 100ish pounds making his physique into what it is today, so yes he can help you with your needs even surpass them.

Here you have Christian the man that makes the world go round for fitlife he will be your guide making things happen for more happy healthy life  to keeping you training in your comfortable area as well as giving you tips on nutrition and even sleep cycle essentially training without having him present. As you can see there not like some trainers who carry themselves crappy being all “GIVE ME 50 PUSH UPS RIGHT NOW MISTER!!” or ” BY THE POWER INVESTED IN ME YOU WILL FINISH THAT PULL UP ”  although your wondering where this so called trainer got his donut breakfast this morning from with syrup coffee to match, no hypocrites here and it shows.

So if you have a chance give them a like on there facebook page or shoot christian a email for more specific questions .  So  go them on facebook, share this blog, share their video and give them a little exposure because theres way too many people out there not doing anything these days and these guys are actually doing something that can help you get off your ass and get you all the sexy ladies and men that you can frickin believe! You know that myth about 17 virgins? Well……..

Well it starts here with Fitlife Training

Thanks for stoppping by

Fitlife Training they will PUMP YOU UP


Well everything has been altogether for a bit but i just haven’t had the time to sit down and work on it for a hot minute since i was sick for about a week n some. I got to pulling to the dash out to check out if theres any rust on the firewall and to check out the instrument harness since im still considering on just re-wiring the whole car since both Z’s are plagued by electrical deterioration over the decades. So since i just got payed my decision to rewire the car or fix has become alittle more doable or try to manage with the harness i already have.


Till next time updates will be rolling in soon since pro-am is this sunday and my private skid pad event is septemeber




awww snap…

awww snap

Sad Day indeed with a Little flame

Well today i had to do the hard part let the Z  be taken away from me, sucks altogether. So when we moved the car it was on the street cleaning side for the next day (moved it day before) and when i got to it i realized “Shit, gotta move this thing in a hour”. Luckily though Yoshi the glasses man was coming by to swoop parts doe his Z to go five speed so he rushed over while i played Marvel vs Capcom


The people were coming to get it at 10am but i told them about the situation with street cleaning so they ended up coming by way earlier than i thought. They couldnt pick up the Z at the moment but they did help us move it off the street, then they claimed they’ll be back at 3:00 so me and yoshi were like fasho we got time to take off whats left.

But they ended up coming back in about 30-45 minutes with a dam tow truck which kinda pissed me off. I told yoshi too take off the steering wheel and ill do what i can about the pedal box but we simply didnt have enough time since the tow truck driver was literally staring us down. So i put my hands up in dah air air and said sorry man it doesnt look like the pedal box is happening, funny thing before they arrived again i was thinking of keeping it…..nah. So long my first project lets get shit rolling on the new chassis and drive the piss out of it.

well we were finishing up crossing over my headlights from the black carandwell did we find something

Posted Image

Posted Image

So the only logical solution was too calll..

Posted Image

It went from the first picture to this

Posted Image

to this

Posted Image


Posted Image

so thats all said and done pretty much everything i wanted from the black car has been officially removed aswell as the black car itself. Im getting no spark so hafta check the wiring and i grabbed my harness right quick just to check, but its a nightmare when you find a dam killswitch that has NO wires going to it.  I tried swapping enging harnesses from the black car although nothing changed it eliminated the fact that the problem is in the engine harness itself…time to bring out the voltmeter and start searching, still going to grab the EZ wire kit though.