Guess its about time to update this thing a bit since a few things have changed since then.


After the wiring was finished I figured it was time to get either my diff welded or a 4.11 weldy. Grazing the waters of the part for sale section on the ratsun forums I picked this welded/plated 4.11 diff for a great price locally.


Unfortunately my “ruinning” status was soon ended after i drove my car to work from the shop and then tried to pick it up the following day, thanks to “SOMEONE” hoping in my car at work and flipping switches ended leaving my headlights on.

As bad luck likes to come in two’s most of the time we were going to host a car meet with all the TFH cars present but my car had an electrical fire that night and put my car outta commission also hours later I got a call about my aunt passing from her long  battle with cancer so my night was dulled almost immediately i put down the phone.

With all the events that occured in such a short time frame I gave the Z a break and focused on getting  our drift media/coverage/team ( a foot forward to prepare for the drift season.

After I was ready to tackle this never ending story I got frustrated at the pink vinyl and told that shit to get out of my life, for now anyways. I then rewired my alternator after the ground breaking off from the electrical fire, replaced my burnt switchboard wire, obviously removed my  and put my xxr’s back on for now since my spinwerks have wobble upfront.

I figured it was time to get rid of that bumpsteer and get some T3 RCA’S to get me motivated to work on the car although it seems the previous owner must of bottomed the fuck out in the car since (in second pic) sway bar bolts were bent to the point where I had to samurai them off.

Marshall the cool guy in the 510 wagon came by and gave me a helping hand to see if he can see something that maybe I had overlooked. Checked power at the  coil, checked cam timing, igniton timing, spark plugs, spark, hell we even swapped his coil/dizzy with my coil/dizzy and still everything checked out.


While I was waiting for Marshall come on back I decided to put on my bootleg extended wheel studs which were the OEM rear wheel studs since their alittle longer since they have to go past the drum brakes and then to wheel hopefully will fix my wheel wobble with my spinwerks.


The only thing they may hint to us why it wont start is when i took off the an fittings to the carbs and turned the fuel pump on there was barely anything coming out and also when it does run when throttle is applied it just dies out. So im thinking Im getting spark blowout or maybe my fuel pressure isn’t enough to keep the carbs flowing. As for now I’ll keep trucking since just like my black one I want this one ready by the summer.


Until next time.



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