Sad Day indeed with a Little flame

Well today i had to do the hard part let the Z  be taken away from me, sucks altogether. So when we moved the car it was on the street cleaning side for the next day (moved it day before) and when i got to it i realized “Shit, gotta move this thing in a hour”. Luckily though Yoshi the glasses man was coming by to swoop parts doe his Z to go five speed so he rushed over while i played Marvel vs Capcom


The people were coming to get it at 10am but i told them about the situation with street cleaning so they ended up coming by way earlier than i thought. They couldnt pick up the Z at the moment but they did help us move it off the street, then they claimed they’ll be back at 3:00 so me and yoshi were like fasho we got time to take off whats left.

But they ended up coming back in about 30-45 minutes with a dam tow truck which kinda pissed me off. I told yoshi too take off the steering wheel and ill do what i can about the pedal box but we simply didnt have enough time since the tow truck driver was literally staring us down. So i put my hands up in dah air air and said sorry man it doesnt look like the pedal box is happening, funny thing before they arrived again i was thinking of keeping it…..nah. So long my first project lets get shit rolling on the new chassis and drive the piss out of it.

well we were finishing up crossing over my headlights from the black carandwell did we find something

Posted Image

Posted Image

So the only logical solution was too calll..

Posted Image

It went from the first picture to this

Posted Image

to this

Posted Image


Posted Image

so thats all said and done pretty much everything i wanted from the black car has been officially removed aswell as the black car itself. Im getting no spark so hafta check the wiring and i grabbed my harness right quick just to check, but its a nightmare when you find a dam killswitch that has NO wires going to it.  I tried swapping enging harnesses from the black car although nothing changed it eliminated the fact that the problem is in the engine harness itself…time to bring out the voltmeter and start searching, still going to grab the EZ wire kit though.



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