Bad News Bear….

This post will need alittle more spaz this time around since its been bad news week after week since Vintage Auto Salon. So….Lets start from the last post where I mentioned “something broke and fixed it the following day”

After the Dragonball Z crew had their usual photoshoot outing to show off there awesome pecks. Gohan decided to sneezing kamehameha while I was drving straight and somehow sheered my bumpsteer spacer bolt (one that threads the knuckle and spindle) in half. Also forgot to mention the throttle cable I made snapped as we saddled up to leave the auto salon….shoulda known then.

Till this day I do not know if the bolt was stresed out for derfting and driving… or if gohans sneeze was simply too mind blowing to compensate. I hit my freind  Loews up to cop a bolt a replaced that morning.



The following Wednesday  this happened. What looks to be not so much a big deal is actually turned out to be quite the problem. Long time ago when I swapped parts over  from my other shell I made the mistake of allowing someone else assemble the left side while I did the right………

And ofcourse said person only either put one bolt on the mount or just threaded them in and never tightened it, this side also long time ago when I brought it to the shop to do the EZ wire (which that didnt work out either) the AXLE was exactly the same with hand tight nuts and bolts….actual one nut/bolt was missing in presence..The caliper bracket dislodge and locked itself between the wheel and the rotor then forced me to tow it home.




…………………………………………………………..Reminds me why i like doing all the work myself but in times of need its easier and faster to have friends help out time to time. Grabbed a few bolts that were like non-existent in the general market forcing me to buy one of those “asian car make” bolt/nuts/washers packs from kragen which ended up coming in handy quite a bit. This only the begining of a long list.



But ofcourse that wasnt the only thing that happened …


Mag-fuckin-neto showed up threw the dam caliper into my wheel hard enough to push the wheel inward to bend my stereotypical asian penis thick intergra jdm tytle coilover…..I forgot to pay him for his deed of dropping my motor in but it was too late for a “Sorry” note. Fuck you Magneto, where yo curly mustache at? Onward.



When aliens attack.


Old age comes with a price… How does the song go “yo bitch, she so thirsty” well it sure was and I gave some thirst quenchin chevron gatorade but all it did was just piss it right out. Return line broke off from gas tank..wom womp.. luckily though my 4 way distributor block came in handy and I simply blocked off the return to fix.


Like a winking old bitch that has no reputation of existing…


My HID ballast fell out somehow which was mounted securely, yet decided the streets was along more comfortable to lay on rather than my car.  Like a mans dream, the wires were pulled out of the bulbs where the light beam and shine your way into the future destination…man fuck this car right?



But after all that BS I fixed and bandaged up most of what I could, I kept truckin. Until..


After moving my car for street cleaning and doing a quick skid. Full lock and bumpy rode easily broke my coilover which it now sits. Im letting it stay in its broken state as of now since Im in search of coilovers but talking with distributors about suspension like 326 power, pbm, dmax, and stance its going to be a very selective journey.  So I will let the blog rest for the time being till new stuff is on its way.

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