FITLIFE TRAINING- They will pump you up

Ok lets take a step away from my car antics to give a little feature to  Zach and Christian who are starting off there own fitness training program. So without further ado.. DO YOU WANNA LOOK LIKE THIS?

Maybe your not digging the green super muscular body maybe you just want a toned body like….

this? A little more fitting to the human world right?  this can be your jump start in the right direction. Zach (on the right) is going to be pushing you to your limit with his Muay Thai training along with his dedication to help others achieve what there after not to mention he himself was a more hefty man before going into steep training losing around 100ish pounds making his physique into what it is today, so yes he can help you with your needs even surpass them.

Here you have Christian the man that makes the world go round for fitlife he will be your guide making things happen for more happy healthy life  to keeping you training in your comfortable area as well as giving you tips on nutrition and even sleep cycle essentially training without having him present. As you can see there not like some trainers who carry themselves crappy being all “GIVE ME 50 PUSH UPS RIGHT NOW MISTER!!” or ” BY THE POWER INVESTED IN ME YOU WILL FINISH THAT PULL UP ”  although your wondering where this so called trainer got his donut breakfast this morning from with syrup coffee to match, no hypocrites here and it shows.

So if you have a chance give them a like on there facebook page or shoot christian a email for more specific questions .  So  go them on facebook, share this blog, share their video and give them a little exposure because theres way too many people out there not doing anything these days and these guys are actually doing something that can help you get off your ass and get you all the sexy ladies and men that you can frickin believe! You know that myth about 17 virgins? Well……..

Well it starts here with Fitlife Training

Thanks for stoppping by

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