Get’r Done ASAP

After making my mind up to grab a new shell after looking at the black one again ;(.


Difficulties are speeding up the process to be back on the road and cleanup fast as possible. Im trying to be roadworthy early as possible, so off from the babling of the current situation lets get to why you really came here

I usually prefer working on my car alone honestly but when I’m in a pinch to have friends like Leo and Kyle here it definitely makes the progress that much easier . Taking parts off with the quickness almost making me feel like we were going in slow motion feeling like forever but after busting knuckles and ratcheting bitches..


Soon the motor was naked finally with just a few bolts left to do so the motor can be yanked out into the new shell. Didnt like this much because too much attention is never good in these situations. So it was time to start yanking the motor out and get things attached into the other shell.


No your eyes aren’t deceiving you those are seat belts holding the engine up and…



and pulling the engine out. I always tend to forget how strong safety belts are suppose to be but if they are suppose to be saving your life in a accident well they should be this strong.


Seeing the Z like this is depressing but for a good cause…i guess


Snagged this pic while we took a break from pulling the motor out and such. Kyle actually drives his clean ass Z around as DD , just like any dattopeeps though he has plans for it in the near future which is funny cause I almost convinced him to get a Z31 a while back. After loooking at the engine though I got tired of this bullshit so i gave someone a call and well….



and kinda just threw it in there and left..gave me avengers tickets wtf.


As it sits would’ve tried to finish it up but some of the studs on the head were bent from not using the right washers so now i need to source a manifold kit or some studs to replace. Not to mention i was completely exhausted from the day before trying to balance work and cars are never easy when things hafta be rushed.


So as it sits as of now pretty much just need to get some studs, put the nuts on the tranny cross member and slap everything else together and crank dat along with small things here and there.


bye for now


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