A decision made and A chapter begins

After bringing the new shell to tear it apart i tried to get to work as soon as possible mainly wanted to have my suspension and brakes on atleast so i can roll it around and stop when neccesary. First though i wanted some quality time to take a step to examine my new project in the making since this is gonna be my soon to be flagship awesomesauce drift car in the near future.



Seems at one point the Z had three piece IMSA wing but the genius who installed them decided to mold to the quarter panels leaving some obvious rust appearance


The interior isnt nothing different from any other s30z that likes to sun bathe for hours outside unattended with dirt dust and anything else the wilderness will add to. What would have been even cooler is if i actually had the sunroof glass or somehow make it doable because its rare to see a s30z with a sunroof nowadays



The engine bay was spray painted black at one point but the best part was the wiring harness makes my wiring harness like unrolled and mis used dental floss.



Well about 30 min into it and got a few things done driverside coilover and brake parts were all ready go with everything else falling behind.


TADA! Droppage is out and droppage shall be applied to the new Dropper-er making things alittle more closer to the ground although i need to adjust the coilovers  since i dont have the T3 Camber plates welded in yet so im using the OEM top hats until otherwise.




Thats all i have for now until I attemt to get the car running but i think aslong as I get the motor in Ill be quite satisfied






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