Destroy or Rebuild?

Well…um yeah so like after the accident happened my mind was thrown into a tail spin of what the hell am I going to do now, the decision of car builder or a do it yourselfer, do i replace and destroy it? or do i rebuild and enjoy?



Well after taking a good luck when the sun came up my decision did become any more clearer. The top upper radiator support is pushed back a good 3-4 inches while caving in my passenger side fender well.



In these two pictures you can tell which side of the car leaned on the most actually and literally pushing the frame down till it gave. I guess its a good thing i painted the engine bay because without paint on it like it was before i would’ve never caught without taking it apart.


The comparison between both sides of the upper radiator support shows the damage quite clearly with the first one affected little when the second seems to be pulled downwards.



So your probably thinking “Alex why dont you fix it” well alex would but alex cant because alex doesnt know how to do body work or weld at that. Then theres “Alex why dont you just buy another one running or not?”  because  their usually to be backed up with registration fee’s,  a must tow away shell or simply outta my price range. Coincidentally the week I got into my accident aluva sudden s30 shells began to pop up everywhere like chicken at a KFC barbecue.


Honestly what makes it hard to let this specific chassis go is that theres so much history behind it and how i came about to owning. At first it was a friends awesome z that he traded for which turned into awesome Z with a blown motor then not even couple weeks later and then to oh man he got it runnin and then he blew it up again to questiong how long is that gonna sit for? then onto he sold it to who? then oh shit he got it running, then OMG ITS RUNNING STILL? , to he’s going to drift what? he’s rebuilding that? to dam alex your 240z is looking hella clean to fuck……alex got into a what? Dam sucks cause he has been working on it for how long.



Having that drive to build your first car will always be unmatched by anything else you’ve built. Your still learning usually young with outrages ideas then succumb to reality of your work or school schedule, not to mention money or some source of income. Always having people on your back about “when is it going to be done?”  “your not finished yet?” “that thing is never going to run, just buy a different car?” so doubt is normal with all the pressure you build upon yourself along with friends and family.



This car has my blood, sweat, tears, hopes, dreams in it so I cant just fork it over, it was hard enough to let go of my Z31. This car has kept my Girlfriend at close reach, leaving for work late doable, short driveaway from reality with a breathe of fresh air with  friends around you to enjoy it. Im still quite ansy on my decision honestly….but if i can save it…i think’ll be worth the fucking effort bitch because getting it to this state was a dam journey.



Who knows maybe its just time to get on with a new begining and take what I’ve learned from this experience to apply it with a new shell. Maybe making my own history from scratch would be more satisfying rather than starting off with someone elses history already applied to it.  I think now that I have an idea on what I want things may come out different or even better than before only time will tell, so do I destroy or rebuild? We’ll see its a never ending battle since i have until next week really to make a decision so till then I’ll sleep on it.

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