Stainless to the Tee


Silver Surfer came by my place and was all “You shall steelify your rubbers punk, it is your turn and galactus will be here soon,  your wheels are DIRTY…SSSSTTTTEEEEEAAAAL, oh wait their aluminum, ALLLLLUUUUUMMMMMMIIIIINNNIIIIZZZZEEEE”

Now my wheels is all shiny from his presence, although he did the weird things with his board rubbing it in places where it shouldn’t be, but nonetheless they came out nice (this is just a better pic lol)



So i began to fuckin cut shit, lengthen shit, mark shit, tighter shit, then i ran than shit.



From here i was  making sure they werent going to be too long and maybe put weird bends from the distribution block which I had to specifically request 6x6x6x6 @_@ 6x6x6x6 that i had to request from Nitrous Express.


ignore the fucking nasty coolant and get the general idea bitch deuces




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