Thunder Drift and Z

Well last weekend the crew and I decided to head out to  Vallejo Fairgrounds to watch TD Pro-AM round 1. Now i’ve been to formula d and one go around at monster park way back when though never to a pro-am event.

I never shot anything in my life other than fps’s on a lazy saturday but acting like i could was pretty cool nonetheless . Took damn near 400+ photos since i didnt know how the hell to take a decent picture not to mention hold a dslr (nikon d40x). I’m not going to post all the damn pictures unless some ask for more which i doubt since im sure franklinenfriends and few friends actually keep track of this blog anyways so ill post my favorite cars and moments.

I didnt bother to mess with much so just left in autofocus to overall just get to shooting a picture.  This S13 has caught my eye ever since the first time I seen it on zilvia maybe 2 years ago even though these pictures dont do its justice on how clean this thing is even after his runs running the few SR’s that were present in this V8 invasion.

The white FC was downright dope having the fitment (not stance) on point following the aggressive look with overfenders, diffuser, RPF1’s, and a screaming rotary motor was definately a standout car and easily recognizable tone coming from the grid. Simple i love this thing.

Quite different from the previous two cars this simple 4AG powered AE86 although underpowered was still killing it with its 150ish horsepower even getting some smoke. DTF usually stands for a more sexual term, on this certain corolla it had “Drop That Frame” being awesomely low with style along with it making me keep the original DTF term and apply to this corolla.

Little rant: As demonstrated  above nowadays the 4/6 cylinder n/a-turbo cars are now becoming the minority in drifting compared to maybe 3-4 years ago where as V8’s were the unique things to do. I look at as all you need is a small car plop a v8 and bam its fast but I feel its the easy low rpm happy way to go oppose to redline bouncing around like a sr, ka, and rotaries. To each their own though to be competitive you have to have the power or budget to do so, not taking any credit away from anyone who drives a V8 japanese drift car just isnt my tast.

Team Mint was present a local bay area shop accompanied by limitless motorsports which alot of friends were invlolved with few new faces to add to the list (sorry guys im horrible with names dont be mad at next round). With their V8 Vert and 4 banger hatch although didnt qualify for tandems were doing some dam good runs nonetheless.

Onto the drifting now the qualifying runs were pretty badass from my standpoint considering these guys are “Amateurs”  had some pretty gangster entries with good speed, angle and most definately style. The course was quite tight since it was on a skidpad rather than full track like it was supppose to be apparently making the playing ground alittle more even for the underpowered cars, leaving the more powerful cars to stay low range rpm. What i didnt expect though is some cars were fuckin killing it during practice letting nerves get the better of them in qualifying.  I mean people didnt even make to the end of the course without spinning out, going wide or just simply not that great of a run all together when they were consistent during practice stapling the saying in my head “practice makes perfect”.

Cars lined up accordingly to see who made it onto the next phase of the event to people who have to watch the event from the stands. Now some people saw things differently on who should have and could have made it but that just goes along with a sport thats judged by peers. Anyways onto tandems….

TANDEMS WERE SO AWESOME I DIDNT CARE HOW MUCH TIRE DEBRIS WAS GETTING INTO MY FACE , CLOTHES, HAIR AND MOUTH. This is where all the drivers are put to the test to following/leading eachother into a dier battle to see who topped one another. You know that feeling when you want an OMT (one more time) to happen again and again to see if a driver can make it a closer battle or try to get a different turnout. Well there were alot of those oppurtunities like that arose giving the spectators a show. I was rooting for the green s13 hatch, fatlace fc and the radial tire fd just because they were different from others in the field. All in all though Thunder drift/lifeblasters/lab17 among other sponsors for the event knows how to throw an event.


Now that the event was over it was time to set sail and head on home from quite a rewarding experience resulting in a new found fury to get the z driftable. A few friends including myself are going to try to make a major push for drifting this upcoming season hopefully get things on the road within the coming months. I had to work that night after the event so it was bitter sweet keeping me anxious to upload pics to share with friends and even some of the drivers if i could. Now onto what the this blog is actually about.

My car now thats its running I have no idea on whats next leaving me at a standstill. Do i address the front suspensions/steering to aquire more angle? Do i swap out everything in the rear and going with an r200? do i stick with my current suspension setup? when do i address the interior? These questions have been overhwhelming me within the last few days even though i’ve only been really driving it for about 2 weeks now. Its good to drive my own car knowing I built it myself while having friends help in vital moments that require two heads than one.

My fuel distribution block came in the other day from Nitrous express so now i can individually feed my carbs pretty soon through SS lines accompanied with fancy pancy AN Fittings all the way through. Right now I’m satisfied with my outcome needing bits and pieces here and there im happy with what i created with the ambition i have for this car. Im super tired now so im noticing reptition of words along this post, so i will say goodbye interwebz until the next update rolls through since im putting on my new wheels soon and finishing up the engine bay and installing my E12-80 distributor soonish.

So deauces

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