10 Steps forward, 3 Steps back

unfortunately my camera on my phone doesnt seem to be working correctly anymore so please bare with me.

So after drooling over my wheels for a ittle bit longer

I headed back to the homies place to get the Z back on the road starting with the exhaust

this was the pipe that was already on the exhuast that we needed to hack off to fit a 2.25 into a 2.5 reducer and expander to fit on my current headers….so in other words we welded it like this.

Since i dont know how to weld yet, my homeboy leo said ayo bitch im russian and i can weld conrad..soooo

I thought the collector from my current headers we removable but it seems the PO tack welded it together…So thinking i could just grind it off, turned out the weld was there to cover a hole between the header and collector from who knows how long ago.


Leo also can haz a Z but obviosly in a very different state than mine doing it the right way, if i had the space i would do aswell. We pulled out his rear everything from trailing arms to strut towers as one piece in about  1 1/2 hours with some chat here n there. Weird thing was after i parked it it didnt wanna turn on after i came back wednesday making it quite frustrating for a second. We fuckin checked everything spark,fueI, timing (althouhg it was off), compression, spark plug gap, plug wires, resistor voltage regulator and  also replaced the battery although i needed a new one anyways. It runs now and thats all that matters for me to care. Im suppose to be picking a set of wheels from a interwebz forum buddy to pick up some tires to mount on the 9.5’s. I leave you with this hopefully giving a idea idea of what kind of fitment im going for, deuces.


But lower

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