Im so focused bouta break a concentration camp

Finally Z has been very much set back in motion with some good steps along with help from friends.

Finally drove the Z today to another location to get the exhaust addressed since its unbarebly loud. Not even 2 miles later theres starting to be a clunk in the rear wheel bring a lump feeling like i broke an axle but i remember this happened on my z31 before. The lug nuts backed out little by little till the wheel started to wobble turned off the car and wouldnt turn back since im using a 250-300amps less starting battery. Called triple A but the free high service came first tightened my wheel and gave me a jump.

Pulled over to a gas station to make sure all was well even though none of my gauges really work anyways. No clunks weird noises or anything so i put in 20 bucks and moved on with a jump from the gas station ofcourse.

I pulled over one more time because it sounded like my wheel was getting loose again or some was rubbing the fender well, checked everything, all checked out and got another jump from my homeboy Leo for the last bit of the way.

Blamblam finally now we just need to weld this shit on and mount tires on my new wheels………

The Spinwerks Aluminum alloy 16×9.5 -0, these are stooooopid light probably about 14-15lbs a wheel.

And ooohhh do they look good, some is selling a pair of 205/50’s that im going to try to pickup the tricky part would be is to find a shop that will mpunt them.

Thanks to thomas the mexican it wouldve been a different story. So for now things just need be set in motion my carb syncrometer is on the way so my carbs should be incheck and maybe tid bits here and there. Oh yeah btw to the fucks who kept knockin the dc2 coils on a Z there not even that bad i even drove through a park and across the city without breaking a sweat so dont knock shit if you dont know about it.motor mounts though are done till the end though. Well hope you enjoyed this post and i will leave this here….

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