Tiny things count

Finally got back to the Z today starting off with topping the transmissio with tranny koolaid. Went alot smoother compared to last time where i dropped it on my hand and stepped away and tottally forgot it was leaking out the back……

To make things easier i got this pump thingy since the older z transmissions you cant just poor it through the shifter.

Little bit before i picked up the gear oil I actually picked up my resectioned spindles and had 2.5inches heightened which was fuckin perfect. Now i have alot more threads inside the strut tube so it wont require me to super slam it to get 1.5-2.0 inch of thread.

At first glance i thought one was crooked but it was actually the angle it was sitting and uneven flooring. Then coilovers go in..

One of the strut tubes were kinda rough from when it popped out the first it came out the garage but after threading in the dampener body in/out/wd40 a few times it got smoother. Yestetday my fuel pump block of plate came in, without oil shoots out the head everywhere…..kinda pissed considering i just paint the bay.


Double check i got everything ready to go

After.. it was stupidly overpriced but i got it by accident cuz my ebay app screwed up but i wasnt trippin. I passed by hot rod shop called Gotellis to cop a throttle return spring since my make shift one shot right off and some more SS hoses for my an fitting setup, but ill only post that until its all said and done which should be very soon.

Now i need small stuff like dust caps, spindle shim and one castle nut but other than that seems to be coming together. Next up is to check up on welding my exhaust and painting the valve cover and air horns eventually. In going to check on a set of wheels next weekend and will post pics if i go through with it, but their at a great deal and i get payed next week. So until then, thanks for stopping by. Oh yeah btw….

Finally saw a LFA  on the mean streets of SF, sounds quite beasty. Kthxbai

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