Mental Note

This is just remind me of what i need to get/do since i may hafta skip on wheels this month.

Now crap:
Transmission fluid
Bumpsteer Spacers
Hood latches
Front Strut tubes resectioned
Weld the exhaust
Victory or Thunder Bolt pipes
Hydraulic ebrake (dllc brackets n calipers)
Tune Carbs
Fuel pump block off plate
Ground wire for left headlight
Warm valve adjustment
Paint valve cover and air horns
Checkout Painless wire kit
Find a broken/faulty arcade stick shell
Linoleum or some type of carpet
Find a dash
Weld rear camber plate in
Cleanout Garage Part ll (today or tomorow)

I think thats it for now should be alright for naow and after that wheels shall be brought forth.


Leave you a pic of my current ride height…um problems
I got them.

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