Pass two days have been cool but ohh man i am quite heated at the moment…

Well things started off well i test fitted all the adapters and 90′ fittings

NIGGAS ASSEMBLE: Got a few freinds and finally got the transmission in


Finally after everything seems to be ready to go out, tightened the battery , double checked lug nutes and riched up the carbs alittle i made it out the garage. I noticed a noise as i was turning and figured its probably just rubbing the fender.



After 6-7 Months its out of the garage, the neighbors even congratulated me about it, went back and i wasnt ready for what i was about to see. Super amount of DEMON camber driver side wheel and im like awwww shit i snapped the coilover fuck, im so screwed , im so screwed, but took a look at the spindle. The dampener slipped out the spindle strut tube, i didnt take a picture because thats not exactly the sight i wanted to be reminded of considering it could broke alot of shit. I will post this



Fortunately i threaded the dampener in more about 1.5in of thread in the spindle and i needed to tighted the locking nuts i had to push the brake line out the way and snapped off ridiculously easy but now i remember just before i pulled out and there was brake fluid on that side… son of a bitch it was leaking the whole time but ever so slightly maybe cracked. Fun stuff it sucks when your trying to get something going and one thing after another keeps happening, it gets quite demotivating so i was about punch out the qrt. glass but took a step back washed my hands and sat down for a minute.


so i feel like that as of now, hopefully i can get the brake line and get this over with and drive it tomorow, not to mention bleed the entire brake system again.








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