Yup thats a transmission on my face

Serously it was though, yesterday i picked up the clutch alignment tool and retorqued pressure plate. The align was off by quite a bit but not land slide margin and shoved that big black tool in and out until it fit just fine.

Unfortunately I was attacking this alone making things quite difficult although ive done it by myself once before. Thing is you forget how much a transmission feels over time from hassling it up while multitasking like dragging a jackstand underneath it or pumping the jack while making sure it doesnt roll off and crush your face.

Then i finally got it past the pressure plate making things alittle easier after about an hour. It just gets harder after this because usually you hafta lift the back and front at the same time to get it leveled with the engine…………well that just wasnt happening after 3 hours i called it a night..(3:00am)

Or so i thought.. After this attempt though it just got worse the clutch fork landed on my face, while getting up hit my head on the framerail and then to top it off my foot slipped off the gate which resulted in some cuts going down my leg. As it was about to be clobbering time, hell even a destrucrive hulk moment,  i lost track of time 4:45am my phone screen showed.  Well fuck it then this aint happening by myself and try again tomorow with more than just me.

btw the shower burned had smal cuts errrrwhere.

This morning before work decided to grab my last solex adapter fitting and  3ft -6 braided hose i even rewarded myself with “WHORE-chata” as my girlfriend pronounces it and a awesome burrito. Cool thing is all i need now is the special t fitting i found with -6/8 inlet and 3x -6 outlets, -6/8 male fitting  probably another 3ft -6 braided hose for my system to be complete which is awesome since the same place i got the adapters has mostly what i need other than the special t-fittings. Tonight will be round two with the transmission and maybe test fit all my fittings and adapters after.

Ill leave you with some japanese nostalgia for ya, enjoy and im “THAT ONE 240Z” you’ll know what im talking about soon enuff. Seriously need get “those” friends who have car work parties…..

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