Big Red, Silver and Blue

I got a chance to quickly test fit an fittings and well heres what the outcome was..

At first glance i tottally thought it was the wrong on or the adapter was to small

then i thought theres no way in the these 90* -6 fittings were gonna fit maybe their -8’s?

Oh shit would you like at that, 90* fitting still isnt going to fit..

Dude im bouta be herra jdm pretty soon, now i need a few things like probably around 3-4ft of -6 ss hose and some Y-fittings. It looks pretty goo so far and this is the bag of fittings i got for less than 20 bucks on ebay awhile back including the 1ft hose.

With that note im grabbing the clutch alignment tool and the third solex fitting because they had two onsight and the third at another place, so tomorow its going down and if i got the time along with the energy i can put the trans back for the last time. I leave with this because i just rediscovered this shit from a while back.

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