Look ma! Headlights.

So after getting everything cleaned up i figured it was time to get the headlights ago and make sure my parking lights work. The stock s30 harness cannont distribute enough for both HID’s so a relay was fitted to accomodate.

Seems either the left side needs to go up or the right side needs to come down but for now its doable. Although now only my high beams only work since one bulb has shorted out the low beam.

Its ok though this wouldnt be the first time i got them stuck like this because before my headlights were completely manual for a long time….like physically put the power wire on the battery when i need the headlights on “physically”.  Later tonight Im going to drop the transmission hopefully and see wtf is up with the clutch fork, i still have my other throwout bearing to conpared which only got 1000ish miles on it. Ill be snapping pictures of that soon.

-Until then Deauces-

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