My 240Z for sale $10,000!

So im selling the 240z because its a giant piece of shit and will never run and will blow up since i drive on the mountain.


Yeah the fuck right theres no way in hell all the work i put into this shit im going to bail on it (although i did lead some of you on to think that, im sorry lol). This will be a long post since alot has happened since i finished the brakes. So sit the fuck down, grab a few beers, grab a pizza, grab some homies and check this shit out.


Since the calipers were done figured it would be a good idea to get the engine all dubstep “womp,womp,womp,womp” sounding.


So the first time cranking it was backfiring but sounded like it was running if you held the key. Fuel was there, timing was there and spark was there but for some reason something came over me and was all…..


Found out the carbs werent spraying fuel 2 of 6 nozzles. Then gave Wolf Creek Racing a call to order a rebuild kit for the mikunis. I recommened to any and everyone looking to step their datsun game up to contact them.


I was actually quite intimidated by taking these apart since there’s hella small, hella pieces, and hella e-z to strip bolts not too add at UTI I was all…..


Fuck how much more wrong I could’ve been. After taking apart one while slowly paying attention to every detail where everything goes it actually wasnt too hard, quite enjoyed really.

/Mistah_Mofro/?action=view&current=IMAG1036.jpg” target=”_blank”>

And heres the guts

Replaced the accelerator pump diaphrams, needles, nozzle cap seals and gaskets i proceeded to put the mikunis back on the motor.

But my dumbass forgot to check if the fuel was aided at all after the rebuild. The accelerator pump diaphrams i put in were upside down, derp… so i had to take them apart again

Now i can actually hear the pressure building inside the carbs and a more tensioned throttle play. So got back to the Z and BAM. Nothin fucking great…..this…shit…is…jrjjfkvf…pissing…..fjddjjdjddndj…… phew, off. At this point i thought maybe the solvent dried faster than i thought when i rebuilt them and its blocking the passageways. Took them apart again….

But noooooooo, i dont wanna spray fuel look at me im a thousand year old piece of shit, you shoulda went fuel injected stupid bitch. NOW IM PISSED, VERY, VERY, PISSED, SO IM THINK MAYBE WOLFCREEK CAN FIX EM OR SEND THEM TO REBELLO. Took a second look at the mikunis bible and it said “You dipshit shall figure’th out, that under thee nozzle caps, thow pump nozzle’s will now be removable” . Well remeber the seals i said i replaced? What i didnt know is that the nozzles can actually be removed..jqfjfkfbfjfi$&#&$*?_%#&@*%#*$?@$&#?&


Yeah thats what it felt like. Anyways so i took the fucking nozzles out and dam would you look at that, there more clogged than a pornstar, all wholes were filled. I had a can of carb cleaner, cut it in half, put the fuel nozzles in it and filled it up with seafoam the heavier compound one. So i looked at my watch and well


So they sat from thursday morning till sunday afternoon and well would’ja look at that….THEY STILL DONT FUCKING WOR…..ohh wait….can it be?


They fucking work…finally, after confirming that their not going to be sold or used as a murder weapon I put them on the car making the car crank waayyy more healthy. A friend of mine came by the name of Leo and we adjusted timing then bam we got it to turn on but not idle without throttle applied. Although I came back to a puddle of water next to the car due to a fucked water neck or w/e…

Luckily i had an extra within a few seconds later i replaced it (*mental note* gotta reseal it). The mikunis didnt come with the throttle linkage for the pedal to carbs, ended up making my own.

Then yesterday after ever so slightly tuning the carbs got it to idle. Im leaking oil from the back of the sandwhich plate so i may ditch the boso oil cooler since it needs different fittings for me to actually mount it anyways, other than that everything checked in kinda since my oil/temp gauge doesnt work but then again i never ran it long enough to find out.

So now to the present problem is the clutch fork and slave cylinder it seems the fork doesnt want move all the way back for the slave to push it.


But im happy where it is for now and hopefully will be driving it as soon as i get this problem addressed, been helping my S14 buddy with his car since its too awesome not to be running. So summary I finished the rear calipers, rebuilt the carbs and soaked the pump needles, got it to idle and found my current speed bump.

Btw if you didnt know Adam Yauch mainly known as MCA from the Beastie Boys had past away this weekend. We have lost many talented artist in recent times. I remember when intergalactic premiered back in the 90’s and i used to act out the fight scene while my sisters would start laughing when i get caught, i even still break to their beats when given the oppurtunity and used their music in performances, parties, sessions, battles and more, thanks for the memories and rest well.


On that note its time to end this long giant up n down post. Btw check out e-homie Franklin and his 300zx. I dont usually dont care for Z32’s but every so often you’ll cross one you like, this is will be one of them.


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