Lupe Fiasco Concert

This was actually my first real concert, i’ve been to events with side performances with jurrasic five and souls of mischief/hieroglyphics.

Here he is the man himself: Lupe Fiasco

When singing along with music you admire and influence’s you. Theres a feeling that theres some type of connection between yourself and the artist as if he/she’s talking directly to the listener. Cutting away from dat “WAKAKAKAKACOKCOCK” “I got bitches” “kill a nigga, cuz he stepped on my napkin” shit of todays music its nice to see someone talking positively about something


Given the chance to be apart of the music with Lupe himself  thanks to my sister. He came out with just as much enrgy in the begining of the show as he did at the end, hell maybe even more. My legs were shaking by the end of the show…with throwbacks like kick push, gogo gadget flow and everyones nose mixed with his new album lasers definately united the New and Old listeners.


Shity phone pics doesnt do the justice but maybe DSLR for xmas present…or something. I’ll have more entries like this just so i can get used to posting.

Thanks for stopping by.

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