The First of many…

First of anything is usually the hardest thing to do no matter if its starting your essay thats due in 24 hours, to asking a girl to become your first girlfriend. It can make or break the future of whatever your “First” anything is suppose to be about.  I own a datsun Z although not my first car its my first real project… and no its not Blue, it doesnt have 3.0 twin turbo l-series motor, i dont live in japan (or do I), its usual enemy is not a porsche 911 or its never been driven on the wangan and its not referred as the Devil Z…. So here’s some influences that will mold this car into what i want it to be someday.

Here’s Justin Shreeves S13 with the i “dont care what you think look” says alot making it one of my fav’s because im not worried about cosmetic aslong it performs the way i want it to and LOOKS COOL AS FUCK WHILE DOING IT. With ridiculously tucked rear wheels as you can is more what I like, doesnt mean i cant admire milimeters close to the fender or any other “STANCE” types.

Here’s VRT Kyles S13 aswell one of my hands down favorite S13’s out there…


But something like this BRE 240Z piloted by John Morton (aswell as #46 510) with amazing history and thee most famous s30z in the world is what drives me to building mine. With more of a functional ability and roadrace worthy applications things is back then things were different compared to our EFI present. Running triple carburetors was the normal thing for power. Where as today turbos and superchargers are what bring more horsepower and torque and make carbs a thing of the past.

Clean z like this one though will always spark my interest into what i want.

Its simple really i just want a car to perform well and have some awesome looks.No matter if its drifting, road racing, timeattack, or dam HELLAFLUSH……..ok scratch that hellaflush part….indefinately. So this blog with follow the Z into what art form I decide to paint, other than the car it will include my new grown comic addiction aswell as meets I attend and friends spot lights if they allow it haha and cars that catch my attention from scenes.

So join me?

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